High End Tea is what we prefer most and want to share with you. When you start discovering high quality tea such as High Mountain Tea, especially those that are rare and difficult to get because they are grown on a small scale, you will always long for a cup of that quality.

So be aware! These great teas give a deep longing for more and more and more..

Our advise is to try them all. And even though all of the teas we present are really of great class, taste and fragrance, you will finally end up with a few that you prefer most. That can be a different choice at the end for everyone.

Some of our teas are very rare and very special and used by the Royal and Presidential Houses. Because of that they are almost only kept for the higher society people that are 'closer' to the distribution. We often manage to also have those teas for our Western Customers due to our relationship with these farms.

We hope that you will enjoy these great teas as much as we already do.