Tea from Taiwan 

Taiwan produces the best Oolong tea in the world. Its unique growing environment is due to both its geographical position and its mountainous terrain.

Oolong Tea is a unknown tea to most people in the Western World despite the fact of its superiority in tea's.

We sell only the High Mountain Tea's from Taiwan and we select the Best Quality available, directly from a few farms. High Mountain Tea's are very special because of the full "body" of the tea, the thickness in the mouth and the effects on your health. The High Mountain Oolong teaplant grows between 800 and 2800 meters on the Mountain sides - during the evenings and nights surrounded by the fogs from the oceans - and during daytime blessed by the light from the sun and while they prosper during the several years of growth from the healthy composition of the unpolluted mountain soil and the higher and colder mountain atmosphere.

Oolong tea comes in three degrees of fermentation: lightly fermented, moderately fermented and fully fermented. We prefer the lightly and the moderately fermented tea's. You should try them and find out their high Class!